Acephalix: Interminable Night LP

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“What the hell, what the fuck, what the crust! The new Acephalix album INTERMINABLE NIGHT is super damage, super killer & makes you say DAMN! This record, which came out April 6th on vinyl on Agipunk, will be released by Southern Lord as a limited edition CD on May 24th. It is straight Apocalyptic Crust on speed. My head can’t stop moving – the drums punish you on every song. It sounds like the guitarist was fed gun powder before he laid his tracks. I mean, the guitars scream in anger against injustice, & then break out into these rad riffs. Acephalix vocals come from the gut of death itself & they make me want to punch a cop! The songs are constructed spot-on – each player gives the other enough space & their timing is perfect. Not one song is better than the other, because Acephalix’s INTERMINABLE NIGHT is the total package. I CAN’T STOP HEAD BANGING!!”-