Altars of Destruction: Gallery of Pain CD

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ALTARS OF DESTRUCTION were one of the trailblazers in the creation of Finnish Metal in the 1980s. They were founded in 1986 by the brothers Kimmo and Pasi Osmo together with Jukka Sandberg and went through several line-up changes afterwards. In 1988 existed a somewhat stable band, consisting of guitarists Kimmo Osmo and Mika Ahlqvist, bassist Pasi Osmo, drummer Juhani Mäenpää and vocalist Mika Luoma which played numerous concerts. The EP “Painful Awakening”, where Junnu Mäki replaced Mika Ahlqvist, was published in 1989. Due to personal issues the band split up afterwards.

In 2007, ALTARS OF DESTRUCTION regrouped and started on writing new songs and reworking old material. Their intention was to “make a couple of new songs and pick out our favourites from the past and make a record that cuts through two decades of metal the way we lived and loved it.” Jussi Samppala from TYRANT DISCIPLE stepped in as new drummer, and now recording and mixing of “Gallery Of Pain” are finished.