Avichi: The Devil’s Fractal CD

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Masterminded by its sole visionary Andrew Markuszewski (who is also an active member of NACHTMYSTIUM and LORD MANTIS), AVICHI’s follow-up to the 2007 “The Divine Tragedy” debut is a much more advanced and progressive observation, on a musical and lyrical level.

By capturing that ancient black metal spirit and combining it with a challenging and forward-thinking musical template created by Markuszewski’s impeccable vision of black metal, one comparable and not unlike that brought forth from such present day black metal luminaries as Deathspell Omega, Negative Plane, and Leviathan, AVICHI’s “The Devil’s Fractal” comes across as an enlightening, strong-willed and thought provoking diabolical journey of pure black metal terror.

As told through a voyeuristic glimpse into the world and actions of Satan, tracklisting for “The Devil’s Fractal” goes as follows:

1. Sermon On The Mount
2. Under Satan’s Sun
3. Tabernacle Of Perdition
4. Kaivalya Of The Black Magician
5. I Am The Adversary
6. The Devil’s Fractal Part I
7. The Devil’s Fractal Part II