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Utech Records is pleased to announce the release of the first solo album by Away (Michel Langevin) from VOIVOD. The album, Cities, is a journey into the life and thought process of an itinerant musician. Recorded in and around Montreal and on the road with VOIVOD, Cities is an experience in travel via sound, capturing both the geography and the music of the locations visited. The album is a rapid journey across the globe, via a first-ear account from an artist like no other.

Strong field recordings capture more than just the sound of an area, they capture a mood and spirit of the place and people. On Cities, local color and nature recordings clash with riots and discord, capturing the full human experience across the world. Literal and metaphorical “found music” appears: the booming stereo of a passing car or distant church bells, as does the rhythmic engine hum of a bus or the chirping of birds. This tour is a fast paced one, rapidly weaving through the geographic locations building a diverse, yet consistently engaging experience. The audio journey captured here perfectly reinforces the fact that, regardless of one’s location, the presence of music is never far, nor should it be.

«I’ve always been fascinated by field recordings, tape collage and musique concrète. I was introduced to it by Piggy as a youngster.» – Away