Ben Reynolds: Book of Beyond CD


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Ben Reynolds is one of the newer voices from the same UK scene that includes Ashtray Navigations and many of the VHF celebrities (Sunroof!, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Richard Youngs, etc.) It should be of little surprise then that Book of Beyond fits very nicely among the recordings of those other artists–noise/junk drone.

As in his previous recordings, this at times dissolves into more acoustic offerings, but the Fahey influence appears to be mostly gone, and what remains in the quieter moments is far more bewildering. Time-stretched bells and weird short-wave transmissions, one helluva lot of well used ring-modulator (nice to hear it done well for a change), fumblings on more traditional instrumentation (flute, guitar, etc.) but never coming together to form anything you might call a song.

Book of Beyond may truly be well titled, since this is music stretching out beyond his two other recent releases, taking what he’s learned from his participation in Ashtray Navigations and focusing more on texture and aural disorientation.