Bill McCarter/Stalingrad Symphony: Secrets/Struggle CD


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In 2001, the McCarter phoenix again rose from the ashes in the form of a very unexpected CDR release called STRUGGLE under the name Stalingrad Symphony. For second guitar and bass, Bill called on L.A. friends Michael Leigh and Leonard Keringer, who play in the current edition of Pat Todd’s Lazy Cowgirls. Just to make things a bit more confusing, Keringer also played with Crawlspace in 1987. Bill’s long-time Vincennes friend Robert Kemp, who also played on SECRETS in 1978, came out to play drums. And what did this group do together when they went into Earle Mankey’s studio? Nothing like SECRETS, that’s for sure. Instead, they whupped up a pretty intense 40-minute piece of improv and free-rock sprawl. Gulcher Records has now collected the never-released SECRETS EP and the barely circulated STRUGGLE CDR. This is high-quality stuff, brothers and sisters nothin’ like the snake oil that now poisons our collective R&R water supply. Dig. (Eddie Flowers,