Bombs Of Hades / Usurpress: split 7″


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gatefold w/golden printing / 500 copies / black vinyl

Having released one of the best Swedeath debut in recent memory under the form of ‘Chamber Of Abomination’, the mighty BOMBS OF HADES aren’t ready to rest on their laurels. So even if those veterans are already gearing up their artillery to record their second full-length (to be unleashed next spring), being the underground dogwarriors that they are, they’ve also put out since then two EPs and one split with the as-vicious TORMENTED in the purest UG tradition. And as if to emphasize that after being relieved from his duties as THE CROWN frontman (and may we remind you former GOD MACABRE and UTUMNO?!) Jonas Stålhammar is more than ever eager to focus on BOH, the band have already two other splits ready in the pipeline.

The first one to be unleashed through DOOMENTIA sees them sharing a piece of wax with fellow old-schoolers USURPRESS and includes two new “intense and straight-forward” tracks as Stålhammar puts it himself, five minutes of Sunlight studio worship delight. While “Until Death (Hanged By The Neck)” written and recorded last April specifically for this EP, “Inside Teradome” is a reworked and updated version of a song written back in 2001 and already recorded for the band’s very first demo the following year.

Although a newcomer of some sort on the scene, USURPRESS kind of follows the same thread on the B side. Formed in Uppsala in 2010 by some old timers who wanted to “combine crust and death-metal with strange guitar figures” and joined few months later by former INSISION, DELLAMORTE and current IRON LAMB four-stringer Daniel Ekeroth, this release is their first ‘official’ one after one very limited demo. Recorded by Lawrence Mackrory from DARKANE and F.K.Ü., those two songs (“The First Of Five” and “Dying For The Dying Gods”) may even be filthier than their one-time roommate. Buried underneath some beautifully detuned and greasy guitars that seemed to have melt all over under the sun like smelly cheese, those nearly six minutes of sonic depravation actually feel like AUTOPSY ‘Mental Funeral’-era trapped in a dark cold cave with MACRODEX.

So there you go: two perfectly matched bands, two proud soldiers both united under the flag of death’ fucking’ metal and another destined-to-greatness split EP by DOOMENTIA. Die!
Artwork by Rafal Kruszyk

Released by Doomentia