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The Book of Shadows CD 777 on the label Ikuisuus is the bands seventh release. The band was formed in 1999 when ST 37 founder Carlton Crutcher and his wife Sharon began seeking a magical, improvisational musical outlet. The band has stayed true to this vision for 9 years of live shows, studio recordings and numerous musicians. All of the recordings on 777 were recorded in 2007 and represent a peak for Book of Shadows as a live band as well as a studio band. For this CD, Sharon on vocals and Carlton on keys, are joined by Eric Archer (Numbers on the Mast) on guitar/electronics, long time Book of Shadows guitarist/composer Aaron Bennack, guitarist Jonathan Horne (Plutonium Farmers), Johnny McCollom (Primordial Undermind) on percussion, Matt Thies (Numbers on the Mast) on keys/electronics, Greg Elliott (Spagirus) on dulcimer, and Vanessa Rossetto (The Mighty Acts of God, Bright Duplex, Pulga, etc…) on viola, bowls and bells!!!….You are the magic that you make….