Bulldozer: Greetings from Poland CD

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The extreme Thrash Metal scene had in BULLDOZER one of the most well-known references in a country like Italy. In the year 1983, two guys formed a band called BULLDOZER that released an untitled demo this same year. In 1984, they did a 7″EP (absolutely rare and difficult to find today) entitled “Fallen Angel” (that featured the song “Another Beer” in the B-side). With great surprise for the members of the band, in November of the same year, they got a deal with Roadrunner Records and in 1985, BULLDOZER recorded their classic debut album “The Day Of Wrath” (with leader A.C. Wild on bass and vocals, Andy Panigada on guitars and Don Andreas on drums) with a style that mixed the aggressiveness of MOTÖRHEAD and the sheer speed of VENOM. In 1986, the band release their second record, “The Final Separation” and a few of months after that, they decide to break their relationship with Roadrunner for various reasons, being the main one the lack of interest from the label for the band. They get a deal with an Italian label called Discomagic specialized in Dance music. In fact, BULLDOZER were their first Metal band ever and they released their third record simply entitled “IX” in the year 1987 (that fetured a song devoted to Ilona Staller, better known as Cicciolina, famous Italian porno star that got to be a member of the Italian Government in those years). This record also saw the departure of Don and the entrance of Rob “K” Cabrini on drums. Dario Carria, one of the founder members of the band committed suicide on Christmas 1988 and in 1989, the band release their new record, “Neurodeliri”. Of course, the band dedicate this record to the missed guy. After a big festival in Poland (more than 5.000 persons were there), BULLDOZER release a live album called “Alive In Poland” in the year 1990. January, 1st 1991 was the last time the band played live in Milan, in front of 200 people. Then Rob went to the States to try new musical experiences. In 1992, Rob returns to Italy and the band decides to record a new mini CD called “Trilogy – Dance Got Sick”, a very strange record that featured a DJ (Dr. D.O.P.E.) and that the band described as Thrash Rapcore (?). With little success and the members interested in other things different to Metal music, BULLDOZER split up. A. C. Wild started a career as producer for Disco bands in Italy (he also produced a record with Dave Lombardo in Italy), Andy also became a producer, mainly doing works for Italian acts (he also contributed lirically with DEATH SS and played guitar in other Metal bands) and Rob formed a new band called SNIFFER DOG in a very KORN/SOULFLY style. In the year 1998, Avantgarde Music re-released the first 4 CD’s from the band in a limited and numbered box set.