Cervix: Life Fucker 7″


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Debut 7″ from this much talked about NYC band. They take their cues from late 80’s UK metallic hardcore, and mix it with early Japanese hardcore. Scathing, reverb drenched vocals that sound like a howling banshee out for blood. This record is for true hardcore freaks only.


Posthumous 7″ from this short-lived crusty band from New York City. I carried Cervix’s first two demo tapes as well, and I was always stoked on how much they progressed with each release, particularly in the recording department. This 7″ is no different, with a much clearer sound and even better riffs and songs than the previous tapes. This time around you can hear the vocals perfectly, and they sound completely dark and tortured, and the riffs are much more discernable as well. People tend to compare these guys to Sacrilege (perhaps because of the female vocals), but this sounds much more punk than metal… just your basic, raw hardcore with simple, driving riffs and raging rhythms, but executed beautifully. Fans of early European HC like Rattus will be very pleased. Video Disease Records