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This 2002 symphonic power metal release for Poland’s CETI apparently was overlooked by most Western metal web sites as there is very little information available on the band or this release.

Comparisons to bands such as Blue Murder, House Of Lords, Malmsteen’s Rising Force and Pretty Maids would suffice. “Burning Fantasy” features some serious guitar shredding from Andrzej Lysow along with a Pretty Maids styled keyboard layer. Vocalist Grzegorz Kupczyk sounds like a cross between Ronnie Atkins on the early Pretty Maids releases and John Sykes.

“The Priests Of Lie” would appeal to any neoclassical metal fan. “Hot Body And Hair” is purely mid 80’s Rising Force, sans the title of the song. There is a certain amount of pomp so to speak within many of the tracks. This is not run of the mill power metal as the songs possess many changes in speed and tempo.

As with any album recorded in one’s secondary language, there are going to be some odd titles and vocal phrasings. Nonetheless, CETI prove that they can craft some pretty good tracks in English afterall.