Chain Reaction: All Over The World CD

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Chain Reaction was formed in the Autumn of 1980. Four friends started to rehearse opting to write their own songs and a couple of covers War Pigs and Paranoid (Black Sabbath). The band was born. The line up was Derek Hodd (vocals), Andy Talbot (Guitars), Brian Bazeley (Bass), Dave Owen (Drums) the band was later joined by Chris Hawken on Keyboards.After gigging around local clubs and bars the band suddenly realized that a lot of people wanted to hear their music. A demo tape was recorded, at Knight Studios in Cornwall, two of the five tracks are featured on this cd (Halloween and Metal Men). This helped the band immensely, now they had a product, better gigs followed including the now famous first night at the Cornwall Coliseum. The other bands on the bill could not match the power the band, we were local heroes. Next came two more gigs, at the same venue, where the band headline on the third date (Saturday 11 April 1981) almost filling the 3,000 capacity.Next, in our new tour bus we toured the heart of England meeting new friends. In Autumn 1982 Andy the Guitarist announced he was leaving the band, he had that metal sound very Iommi (very Sabbath) no replacement was found and Chain Reaction Mark I was over.Derek headed to London to audition for various bands, eventually joining a band in the Oxford area. Here he met John Rigg (Guitar), Marty Spaulding (Guitar) Robbi Serrano (Drums) Nick Pannier (bass) (Chain Reaction Mark II). The bands first demo included 4 tracks – Wolf, In to the Fire, Storm the Gates and Black Shadows recorded a Woodcray Manor in Berkshire, Engineer Nick Horne. The band played in the Oxford area and on the strength of their recording received interest from EMI and Jet Records, things were on the up, or were they! At this point, Marty decided to return to California, now we were a four piece. Next another demo, also recorded at Woodcray Manor – tracks included Night Fall, Wicked and the Classic Pool of Fortune. Again, some record company interest. Around Christmas 1983, Nick left the band to pursue a solo career. The band enlisted bassist Mike Hole, a friend of John Rigg. Next a sell out show at the Old Marquee supporting Welsh legends Budgie, put the band back on track. Another recording session at Woodcray Manor produced the forth demo which included the Evil Within Us. Then a great break, two support slots with Phil Lynott’s (Thin Lizzy) Grand Slam the first at Oxford Appollo the second at Derngate Centre, Northampton, both sell out shows and a great experience and also a chance to meet one of our heroes. At this point, you guessed it, a line up change. So Mike moved on and Robbi our friend returned to Detroit (Rock City). With just Derek and John remaining the last line up was assembled, with new bassist Nick Bourne, second lead guitarist Ade Ellis and drummer Andy Yates they headed off to Suffolk to Spaceward Studios. The band recorded just two songs on a nightshift – the Anthem, All Over the World and an unfinished rough mix of Kings of the Sun. After a tour around the Midlands and South West of the UK the band had run it course, lack of funding and internal feuds cost the band dear, it was 1986 Chain Reaction was over (until now)