Circle: Golem/Vesiliirto 2CD


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Circle boldly unroll their experimental rock balancing on the edge of everything imaginable. The combination of the crunch of tectonic plates with insane epic improvisations and exhausting repetitiveness on the live album Golem poses questions the listener alone can answer and be impressed of. Mika Rättö squels like he’d gone mad while the deranged band grinds itself up from the depths. The studio album Vesiliirto seems to strangely drag forward in an sped up universe, where uppers are downers and the dragging are humming bird’s wing beats. The album presents remarkable moments for receptive ears from one of Circle’s most prolific era.

Golem/Vesiliirto was first released by Kevyt Nostalgia and Supermetsä as a double vinyl in 2004. The live part was recorded in Semifinal (Helsinki) November 2, 2003. The album contains over 35 minutes of bonus material!