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Despite looking like a gang of sharp and stylish cross-dressing zombies, Cleaning Women is also known for their alternative ways in choosing their instruments. Instead of regular music stores, these professors head for trash bins and home accessory shops in search for “other sounds”. And so it must be, as their weapons of choice include string instruments made out of clotheshorses and a drumset that includes parts from at least 3 washing machines.

After their 2nd album, Aelita- The Queen Of Mars (2005), Cleaning Women has been busy in composing live soundtracks to silent movies and touring around the globe. During the years they have become somewhat a household name for Middle European festival promoters searching for a little more challenging sound from Finland. Their latest success was when the band performed a soundtrack for the Film Aelita – the Queen of Mars for enchanted Luxembourg Philharmonie Hall audience.

U is the third album in Cleaning Women’s 13 year career. Like it’s predecessor, it is based around a theme. U takes us to the last quarter of humankind, where a colony of miners are religiously worshipping the eternal energy stones found from the mines.

U was recorded and produced in Cleaning Women’s base studio. True to the album theme, it is located eight meters underground, and it was custom built for making the album. U is industrial pop music that combines futuristic folk music and cinematic sci-fi western to gangly and sparkling trash can disco.