D.O.A./Thor: Are U Ready CD

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Punk pioneers D.O.A. team up with metal god Thor to make a rippingly smashing 12 track CD. The legendary D.O.A leader Joe Shithead Keithley is a huge hockey fan and practically invented “Puck Rock”, so when he got a call from Thor one day ( it’s like a lightening bolt coming out of the sky) about putting an album together, Joe knew it had to happen. “Are U Ready” features 6 songs by D.O.A. and 6 songs by Thor. And what songs they are! Tunes about sports, power, glory and mayhem! Features “Are U Ready”, “Call of The Triumphant”, “Gladiator Stomp” and “Beat ‘Em, Bust ‘Em”.

1. Are U Ready – (with D.O.A.)
2. Call Of The Triumphant – (with Thor)
3. Give Em The Lumber – (with D.O.A.)
4. Gladiator Stomp (Arena Anthem Chant) – (with Thor)
5. Beat Em, Bust Em – (with D.O.A.)
6. Search & Destroy – (with Thor)
7. Dead Men Tell No Tales
8. Challenge, The – (with Thor)
9. I Am Canadian – (with D.O.A.)
10. Stormbringer – (with Thor)
11. Overtime – (with D.O.A.)
12. Rock The City – (with Thor)