Destructo Swarmbots: The Mountain CDEP 3″


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A 3″ CD packaged in a standard jewel-case, “The Mountain EP” finds DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS exploring a more delicate and subtle space than previous releases. The 2 man guitar and bass team, known for it’s abrasive sonic attacks, take their layers of manipulated dissonance and situate them in subtle ambient landscapes. The tracks range from “36 beautiful songs” which plays like an condensed and intensified version of Fripp and Eno’s “An Index of Metals.” to the somber “saving grace on an 8 hour connection” which finds the group delving into more traditional melodic structures.

“Essential for lovers of the new noise.” -Punk Planet

“All I can tell you for certain is that this sounds like the perfect soundtrack to a suicide, so I would avoid this particular EP if yer the sad sack type, because it’ll drive you right over the edge with it’s skittering guitar string scrapes and ice man groans and dying penguin bleeps.” -Sleazegrinder

“(T)hese guys do things to their guitars that most people wouldn’t do to a farm animal to be quite honest.-Quintessance Metal Zine

Drones can easily become exercises in style and gesture – the elegance of swirling motes of sound is sometimes taken for primitive simplicity, but thankfully Destructo Swarmbots seem well versed in how to pace and structure pieces no matter how barely they move nor how ill-defined their edges. -Cyclic Defrost (Australia)

“Even though guitar noise is not the freshest of ideas, this doesn’t stop Destructo Swarmbots from sounding original – let alone good. In fact it’s very uplifting to hear this sort of dreamlike wall of sound for a change, instead of the ever-present crunchy feedback common to too many noise albums.” (Finland)

“The material is quite active and yet seamlessly fluid even when it reaches the denser moments, of which there are several. This is nicely done and has a personality that is its own.” -Wormgear