Diamatregon: Blasphemy For Satan CD

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DIAMATREGON are a French black metal band who specialise in violently thrashing, ultra chaotic, on-the-verge-of-losing-control, over saturated, super distorted and noisy, TRUE black metal. Fast and furious with the occasional midtempo breakdown and a once-in-a-while doomy dirge. But they also happen to have quite a way with melodies, as 1000 mile an hour blasts can get pretty tedious, pretty quickly. So even though the songs sometimes sound like a black metal band being hurled down a stairway (a good thing, mind you) the songs stick in your head more than you would think possible. And the occasional midtempos, full of fuzzed out guitars and simple relentless drumming, definitely bring to mind the mighty Burzum. While the hyperspeed majority of the record is a thick and hellish brew of harsh, inhuman howls, amp melting, overdriven guitars, thrashing drums and a lo-fi, but somehow really heavy and thick production. They even cover the Misfits’ “Death Comes Ripping”, turning it into a 90 second blast of sinister, speaker shredding, head banging, church burning high end brutality..

Blasphemy For Satan is eight metal thrashing mad tracks clocking in at 45 minutes. Twenty of those minutes make up the the crushing final track, an extended doom epic, equal parts, moody post rock, Sabbathy dirge, and all out noise assault, complete with bizarre samples, found sounds, and super complex arrangements, and as reminiscent of old AMREP bands as it is any Norwegian black metal..

Diamatregon actually sent their CD my way because they were huge fans of the label as well as Circle and Acid Mothers Temple, and were really wanting to release their record on a not-specifically-metal label, which I thought was really cool and is sort of the reason we do all this. To maybe expose non-metalheads (and metalheads alike) to some amazing metal, and maybe surprise some some not so openminded metallers.

But whether you’re a metalhead or not, Diamatregon spew forth some amazingly heavy, undeniably catchy, and totally intense blackened sounds…(tUMULt)