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Yea, the Japanese Underground Punk Blues Band continue more deeper his own psychedelic experience !
Diza Star 5th album is the last branch of the star after 4 titles released on Fractal Records.
This toxic parfume is a direct wink to the 60’s rebel spirit like The Godz, Amon Düül and Les Rallizes Dénudés.
A unique example in this new century of a broken music in a perpetual movement…

Japanese band formed in Tokyo by a french man in April 2005. In four years of existence they have released six albums + one single : all published by Fractal Records, except the last one, a limited CD-R compilation archive by the group himself. The two first albums were released under the moniker “Acid Mothers Temple & The Pink Ladies Blues” which was in fact a name in disguise for Diza Star ! The band had performed live only one time in Tokyo, Earthdom on 23 March 2009. And the group disbanded just two months after in May 2009 thinking that their mission was “achieved”.