Diza Star & The Pink Ladies Blues: Featuring Mani Neumeier CD


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Diza Star 4th, a special album (the trio + 1) featuring the unique and exceptional participation by the legendary Krautrock drummer Mani Neumeier. An astonishing meeting between 4 “ psychedelic ethnic punk ” ! The long career of the Star Neumeier, first in the 60’s jazz sphere with Alexander von Schlippenbach big band Globe Unity or with Irène Schweizer, before switched for the well-known freak-out psychedelic rock experience Guru Guru, then followed by other project (Tier der Nacht etc…), collaborations, and many trips around the world (especially India, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan) revealed today – and rare nowadays – an extraordinary talented musician emotionally and spiritualy. A motley album, from where all the 10 tracks came naturally in one day studio session, and the music range many differents directions from ethnic ballads to psychedelic jam rock, from exotic ambiant excursion to funny folkloric sequences, or just pure instant rock’n’roll. Various and tasty, this album is like a dessert surprise : a maelström of sugar in it’s form with it’s acid and salty feeling on it’s occasion under a deep powerful rhythmic section and leads by free (no 4 !) humour mind. NB : Track n°8, show Mani Neumeier on guitar (notable & rare). CD edition, jewel case, booklet 28 pages full color.