Doktor Kettu: Soft Delirium CD


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Doktor Kettu sounds like a rock’n’roll band being thrown down a well in low gravity. Years ago they hid themselves in a small cottage by the sea, only to emerge later as a stream of CD-R releases documenting their slow rituals. Today all of these recordings are desperately sought-after collector’s items, but the band itself has carefully stayed away from sight.

Now Ektro’s Super Metsä imprint is releasing the first ”proper” Doktor Kettu offering ever – Soft Delirium is music that is so disconnected from time that its notes are only now just about to reach us, two years after the recording session.

Doktor Kettu is Petri Hagner, Jussi Lehtisalo, Tuomas Niskanen, Alpo Nummelin and Jouko Salenius.

1. Wulff (13:26)
2. Triggeri (10:21)
3. Kosmonaut (17:52)