Energy Vampires: S/T 2LP


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“They say the line between insanity and genius is a fine one. Well, the persona of Jonathan Stewart is definitely a testament to that! The music and performance of Energy Vampires’ (and Slauter Xtroyes) mainman borderlines metal madness! Energy Vampires is the post S.X. spiritual child of Jonathan Stewart, containing 15 songs recorded with the help of various guest musicians. The result is U.S. progressive/power metal, which is weird, twisted and at the same time ingenious and captivating! Millions of riffs and tempo changes, a plethora of styles, melodies and moods, highlighted by Jonathan’s theatrical performance and deranged high pitched screams. Hell there’s even a saxophone solo in one of the songs!!! A huge plus is the killer artwork and rich booklet containing an extensive interview that really dives into the delightfully insane artistic vision of Mr. Stewart. You sir, are a legend!”