Ergo Sum: Mexico LP


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Ergo Sum – Mexico LP. Ergo Sum came from Aix-en-Provence, France and was founded in 1968 by Lionel Ledissez and Jean Guerin, who were joined by three other talented musicians. At first they called themselves Lemon Pie, since 1969 they changed to Ergo Sum, mostly to avoid confusions with the groups Humble Pie and Lemon Pipers. The aim of them was to expand their musical horizons, as they all got experiences in other local bands before. One played progressive-rock with a lot of instruments, f.i. flute, Hammond and Wurlitzer organ, violin, electric and acoustic guitars, drums congas and percussion. The great voice of Lionel Ledissez reminds of Roger Chapman. In 1970 they recorded a single, which was very poorly produced and sank without a trace. After this the band bought a new PA system in England, some new instruments and went to Paris, where they played at several festivals and at clubs with fast growing success. On 2nd April 1971 they triumphed at Saint-Gratien, as best up-coming group. This raised the attention of Laurent Thibault, the director of Barclay Records, who signed the group as first act on his new label Thlème. In November 1971 their only album ‘Mexico’ was released in a number of 3000 copies, which were distributed in France, Belgium and Switzerland and as import all over the rest of Europe. Today this album is very much sought-after, as its brilliance is discovered today. After playing further gigs at festivals and youth centers, they disbanded in July 1972 after a performance at a festival in Metz. Limited to 500 copies in a gatefold cover and 180-gram vinyl.