Escarnium: Excruciating Existence CD

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Escarnium is a fresh blood on a death metal scene combining South American agression with the Scandinavian craft. Their first proffesional EP “Rex Verminorum + Covered in Decadence” gained numerous positive reviews from all over the world and was ranked among the best releases of 2011 by prestigious Voices from the Darkside staff polls. Now they come back with the highly anticipated debut full-length “Excruciating Existence”. The smell of grave is everywhere here. Not for sensitive people! Crushing riffs, guttural growls and devastating drums – this is nothing but Death Metal Terror! In May/June the band will play its first European Tour. Wanna face this deadly machine? Come and join the party…

Excrutiating Existence is an untamed beast which is expressing aggression with the album’s almost 40 minutes (..)blasting riff after riff, hit after hit.

Fantastic rendition of dark and suffocating death metal (…) it will collapse your skeletal system with its incredible grooviness (…) There have been plenty of decent to great releases, but none of them really hit all of the high marks that Escarnium did on this record, already making it a favorite for death metal record of the year. 90/100

I have to give credit to the band for assaulting the listener almost constantly with velocious and brutal riffage 88.5/100

This band has its own personal touch, which captures the essence of Death Metal. 9.5/10

The album can safely be called “Death Metal Terror”, a better definition of their own music Escarnium had not imagined.

Another exciting release and well-worth buying whether it be for something to listen to while driving at high-speeds or when frantically bludgeoning someone!