Eyes Like Saucers: Parmalee, Tribute To A Dog CD


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_parmalee, tribute to a dog_ is the follow-up to eyes like saucers’ _still living in the desert…_ and the aan/e.l.s. collaboration, _kristallivirta_. oddly evocative of early folkways and nonesuch “field recordings,”_parmalee…_ explores the potentialities of autistic, automatic-composition through the employment of relatively primitive acoustic instrumentation and primitive electronics (homemade oscillators, fuzz, and casiotone). the resulting product is a unique foray into structurally defiant, yet intrinsically organic electro-acoustic music.

1. sun and moon
2. owl creek bridge
3. warrigal part one
4. warrigal part two
5. warrigal part three
6. for parmalee
total: 43:53

all songs composed, performed and recorded by EYES LIKE SAUCERS.
“for parmalee” inspired by M. Oldfield’s “on horseback”.



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“At the heart of Eyes Like Saucers’ sound is Jeffrey K’s ‘slightly modified’ Indian pedal harmonium, whatever the modifications and however slight, that instrument’s wheezing, breathing rhythms define this collection of contemplative space folk drones. The haltering “Sun And Moon” sighs dejectedly, while the jauntier “Warrigal One” and “Warrigal Three” bookend a trilogy around the mournful “Warrigal Two”, with its echoing off-kilter clavé and glockenspiel momentum. The clearly much missed Parmalee stares out from the artwork and is remembered by name in the collection’s only song, the affectionate “For Parmalee”. – Nick Southgate / The Wire#308 / October, 2009