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Dead Mountain Mouth is the wickedly anticipated full length album from GENGHIS TRON, and the follow-up to their imaginative debut EP, Cloak Of Love. Recorded at Godcity Studios with Kurt Ballou (Converge), Dead Mountain Mouth moves beyond the rapid-fire electro/grind genre-splicing of Cloak Of Love, and forms something more fluid and cohesive, an arcane union of digital dreams and brutal heaviness, where speedcore eruptions blossom from clouds of maximum beat-driven electronic bliss, and futuristic metal riffage seethes from your speakers. These ten gloriously-dense and triumphantly catchy jams soar through valleys of immense crush and alien vistas of 8-bit wizardry unlike anything you’ve heard before…

Review from LUNAR HYPNOSIS Webzine, written by Don Anderson of Agalloch:
“Following their brief Cloak of Love EP released last year, Genghis Tron return with their anticipated full-length Dead Mountain Mouth. Having been hooked on the trio since their EP and having reviewed it here [hyperlink], I was interested in seeing what the band would do on a sustained project. Cloak of Love was lauded as another fine genre-hopping recording, but Ive always felt there was something different about Genghis Tron. They werent just another Naked City or Secret Chiefs 3. I never once felt the genres they crossed were for a gimmick or to display technical prowess. They truly seemed to have constructed their own genre all together. The listener will find a more focused and heavier Genghis Tron on Dead Mountain Mouth. The group has further perfected their grindtronica sound. The drum programming is erratic, eclectic, and creative. Moving between the electronica stylings of Aphex Twin (the introduction to Warm Woods would not be out of place on the Richard D. James album) and the blast beats of early Napalm Death, the brilliant programming never once seems out of touch with the guitar work. It is the precise and delicate dialectic between the programming and the guitars that pushes Genghis Tron into Cynic-Jazz-Death-like territory. Now, I have made sure I am not the only one to hear a Cynic influence in the groups music (just listen to the intervallic relationships in the melody a minute into the title track) as Ive had other people confirm this. It is at these moments that Genghis Tron seem so situated within the Florida Jazz-Death scene and it is at such moments where they are at their most melodic and catchy. There is a definite heaviness to this album that was absent from Cloak of Love. The group find themselves at their most crushing and emotional around the two minute mark of White Walls. During this passage the guitars are monolithic with minor chords in the style of something off of Isis Oceanic record. Nonetheless, it isnt much longer into the track when the music breaks down into sparse synthesizers and glitch like programming over a driving drum loop. Genghis Tron are one of the most interesting groups currently working. Dead Mountain Mouth has not only developed but has exploded the musical vocabulary the trio uncovered on their EP. Some groups contribute to the language of a particular genre of music while others write their own language and in turn become true iconoclasts. Genghis Tron are of the latter. The trio of Mookie, Michael, and Hamilton are a group to watch because they are making music no one has heard yet.”