Geoff Mullen: The Air in Pieces CD


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The Wire’s new super star, Geoff Mullen, is nothing new to us. Here in Providence he’s a staple at nearly any show worth seeing, but instead of developing a solid roster of standards, every night it is something different, he’s trying something new that nobody has tried before (or at least that he hasn’t tried before…) LVD was proud to share Geoff Mullen with the world on our 6 CD Invisible Pyramid comp, which was shortly followed by a full length CD on Entschuldige, which has already received much acclaim.

This second full-length CD shows Mullen working in much the same way he does live, namely, ‘The Air in Pieces’ is a completely different side of Mullen than the one we hear on his first CD and the compilation. Comparisons come in two forms: It is easy to think of the Neil Young that wrote the Dead Man soundtrack, just as it is easy to think of Keiji Haino in pure guitar exploration mode (those darker Fushitsusha moments), but it isn’t musicians one thinks of when they listen to ‘The Air in Pieces’. Instead come vacant worlds, glaciers and the near frozen ecosystems underneath them, endless skylines and silence save the sound of your own breath.