Gnaw Their Tongues: An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood CD


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Gnaw Their Tongues, an enigmatic project from the Netherlands that has wowed fans of messed-up heaviosity with the phenomenal Reeked, Pained and Shuddering CD that was released on Paradigms along with a host of super-limited CDR and cassette releases, is joining the Crucial Blast roster for the CD release of the new full length An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood, which was released as a limited edition vinyl release at the beginning of 2008 on Burning World Records. This undefinable mass of black amorphic horror is one of the most intense listens we’ve engaged in recently, a nihilistic pit of howling orchestral strings and blackened abstract doom, operatic female voices plunging into a fetid sewer of filth and blackness, equal parts avant black metal and splattered sludge and symphonic horror movie score. An overwhelming deathscape scrawled in jagged figures across pieces like “My body is not a vessel, nor a temple. It’s a repulsive pile of sickness” or “Sawn asunder and left for the beasts”, and flecked with moments of unbelievably crushing beauty that may surprise fans of Gnaw Their Tongue’s previous work.

REVIEW FROM KERRANG: Even with that title, it’s still hard to be prepared for just how all-consumingly disturbing and noxious this album is. Taking doom and drone to their extremes, GTT create a squalling noise combining assonant feedback, throbbing analogue and digital noise, and densely layered sound effects that all suggest sadistic torture being performed on traumatised individuals in dark places. The bleakness and sheer refusal to allow any light to permeate proceedings alongside the non-linear, sprawling nature of the tracks will alienate a lot of people, but for anyone looking for something truly extreme, you’ll have a hard time beating this.