Half Makeshift: Omen CD


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Maryland’s Half Makeshift, which consists of sole mastermind Nathan Michael, have been slowly making quite a name within such a genre; one that crosses over within experimental music and into other genres such as drone, ambient, post-rock, indie, and of course doom. “Omen” sees Michael’s talents and continues to exploit them through daring and dense sonic terrain where cinematic sound visions create vast, desperate, and yet devastating scenarios. From such scenarios as a beautiful jaunt amongst a great ocean, one as far as the eye can see, to the crumbling destructive frequencies that envision skyscrapers falling and crumbling into the sea.
Working as one 50+ minute track, but separated into four parts, “Omen” subtly shifts through different emotions and feelings that create a general overall mood for the entire picture. Through incredible use of melody via light guitar strums and guitar ambience, melded with waves of static bursts, ivory key tappings that create the build-up that will inevitably come in the form of massive drone rumblings, “Omen” is an observation within such a genre that will bring more awareness to the wonder that is Half Makeshift.