Halloween: Terrortory 2LP


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The US Metal-legend strikes back! HALLOWEEN, who have released their masterpiece „Don’t Metal With Evil“ in 1984, will continue their contribution with us after the re-releases of their first two records. Now, after six long years of waiting, their new studio album „Terrortory“ is finally released.
Don’t feel disturbed by the slightly modern guitars of the opening track „Traipsing Through The Blood“. They still have their own sound and the brilliant, unique voice of singer Brian Thomas, who is the only remaining original band member besides bass player George Neal. And nearly 30 years after their debut album these guys still kick ass! Here you will get a fat production, which is still traditional enough to satisfy their fans. With an intro like „At The Gate“ as well as dark and dramatic tracks they still keep their flame of „Horror Metal“ alive. The songs are great: melodic, like e. g. in the title track, some faster stuff („Images Quites Horrible“), hymns like „Scare You“ and so on… In the 8 ½ minutes long epic-track „Not One“ you can find all original trademarks of the band. And there are also two ballads included: „Hands Around My Throat“ and „Dead On…“. Everything fits perfectly in here! Despite of the approximate playing time of 72 minutes there are only killers and no fillers on „Terrortory“. And that’s something really awesome nowadays.
To make a long story short: This is a new classic for all traditional US Metal fans in the world!