Harvey Milk: A Small Turn Of Human Kindness CD


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A Small Turn of Human Kindness, is as dense and as heavy temperamentally as it is musically. The seven songs so subtly bleed together that the listener has no choice, but to view the entire album as a linear orchestration with a singular ebb and flow. A rising and falling action, refined to hell and back. And so, all of these things lead me to believe that any and all true Harvey Milk fans will eventually argue this record as the band’s finest work. Or at least the vinyl version will become the quintessential mantle-piece for a generation of suburban children slumming it in the inner city… you know who you are!

Track Listing:
* (3:32)
I Just Want To Go Home (6:04)
I Am Sick Of All This Too (2:14)
I Know This Is No Place For You (5:08)
I Alone Got Up And Left (5:34)
I Know This Is All My Fault (7:24)
I Did Not Call Out (7:40)