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Previously known, to you likely too-savvy-for-your-own-good individuals, as the famous ”Bob Weston Sessions,” Harvey Milk’s s/t album is the official master of the band’s should-have-been debut record. The thing never received a proper release, so we over at Hydra Head decided to set the record straight… Sure, you could google search this piece now that you know it exists, but remember we got the re-re-remastered version and it sounds a hell of a lot better… Plus if you purchase a copy from your local record store, you’ll sleep a lot better tonight knowing that, among other things, your not a filthy liar and a dirty thief. I can understand your hesitance however… It can get hairy digging up debut records from one your favorite bands… Especially if they’ve been around a while… I mean a lot of things can happen over the years… It would suck at this point to have to start explaining that Harvey Milk is your favorite band, but with the caveat that they’re really only your favorite band from ’94 on… Say things like that too much and your buddies slowly stop being your buddies and you end up with a whole new set of buddies, but these new buddies you never actually get to see in person and you know those pictures aren’t really of their girlfriends. Good news: You can rest assured! Nothing is lost here, only gained. Harvey Milk is as heavy as ever and Creston Spiers, as most of you likely too-savvy-for-your-own-good individuals already know, was born with that particular seabitten brand of a man’s voice that we’re all so jealous of.