Hellhound (JPN): Tokyo Flying V Massacre CD

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After one self-produced EP Majestic Rock now releases HELLHOUND’s debut album. No, these aren’t the culty Americans, who had reunited once more, but four little Japanese warriors. At first you can see this absolute awesome cover-artwork, which looks like a mixture between “Power Infusion” (TRANCE), “Gates To Purgatory” (RUNNING WILD) and “Heavy Metal Maniac” (EXCITER). There you know from the beginning, what you can expect from their music.

Sure, the music is indeed deadly unoriginal, but this thing rocks as hell! Straight Heavy Metal with as simple as catchy elements. Those Japanese guys are capable to bring in loads of awesome melodies, where the bombast fraction won’t be satisfied with. Who loves the full cliché program of the golden 80es and who likes bands in the vein of ACID, TYRAN PACE, early ACCEPT or newer combos like WOTAN, METAL INQUISITOR, SOLITAIRE,… should grab this album. Their music isn’t as dull as their song titles are. They’re working it out very straight-forward, but with sense and a certain feeling for anthems.

A good disc is rounded off by a vocalist, who reminds me at John Gallagher (RAVEN) with his slightly shrill voice. Now it’s up to you to support the band that we will be blown away in future by this killer band.
(The Metal Observer)