Hellhound: Let Metal Rule the World CD


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Tokyo based 4 members band, playing old school traditional heavy metal. Tradtional heavy metal is more than just playing some tunes or taking compromises with labels for the money. Only 100% metalheads can do it the right way, and that’s what HELLHOUND is about. A brief quote from the band history page of their official site is worthier hundred descriptions of mine.

«In summer of 2002 there was a man. His name was Crossfire. He took a revelation from the heavy metal God: “The time has come!! You must conquer the world as preacher of HEAVY METAL!! I can’t take it anymore!”
So he started searching for members that really loved HEAVY METAL.
At first he asked Swordmaster to play with. He accepted the offer willingly. Then they gathered other members and started the band as a tribute band of
Canadian heavy metal legend “EXCITER”. After only one gig , they began to make some original REAL HEAVY METAL tunes – That was the test. The guitarist & drummer left the band to play their own project – And that was the answer.
Both Crossfire & Swordmaster started to searching for members again and in spring2003, Dragonblaster & Nightmare joined the band. Then THE HOUNDS OF METAL named “HELLHOUND” roared the new born cry !!