High Spirits: S/T CD

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Sometimes it’s hard to be aware of the next big-thing in the moment it’s happening… It can take months, years to achieve the success but not in the case of HIGH SPIRITS, where everything has happened so fast, that it’s very easy to predict a bright future for this Chicago-based band, who has already started its live-activity playing with the likes of Enforcer, Cauldron, Bible of The Devil.

Their first 2009 demo was enthusiastically acclaimed by European medias (9/10 on ROCK HARD GERMANY) as well as Americans (“This four track demo EP is pure 80’s metal. It sounds to me like the early output of Scotland’s Heavy Pettin’ fronted by a singer that sounds somewhat similar to Kevin Griffiths of the NWOBHM band Briar.”-, immediately bringing to the attention of all traditional metal fans one of the most interesting bands paying tribute to the classic NWOBHM sound.