Hollowing + Maor Appelbaum: Collaborating Torture CD


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Collaborating Torture is a 54-min piece of haunted drones and black ambient by Israel’s Maor Appelbaum and the late Matt Gibney (Hollowing, So I Had To Shoot Him, owner of the Rectrix label). Over the last few years Maor Appelbaum has turned to be a prolific artist due to his works in Poochlatz, Grave in the Sky, Thy Mesmerized and Vultures as well as his countless collaboration & solo projects.

Hollowing was another type of artist, who did not leave a lot of music after him but each piece by him has the unique characteristics of his work in other projects. Bleak, dark, heavy flow and a pitching pulse, as an unknown beast who wakes up from a long sleep.

Collaborating Torture was created during 2005 and the work was finished a short time before Matt’s death. It took it two more years to see the light of day as a collaborative release between Topheth Prophet and Heart & Crossbone labels.