Huminoida: Huminoida Loves You 7″ EP


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Out of Range records 3OUTR7
Release date: 1st of June 2010

A: Obsessions
B1: Bygone Wars
B2: Whiter Noise

Huminoida is an electronic pop band operating in the triangle
of old-school synthpop, darkwave and sheer weirdness.
“Huminoida loves you EP” is the third 7″ single from this solo project
of former Neuroactive vocalist K-K-

Although Huminoida makes music in the spirit & guts of wonderful synth pioneers
like Fad Gadget, Human League, Coil, Soft Cell, Foetus, Tangerine Dream,
Cluster, Suicide…etc, it’s take on synthpop / krautrock is highly original,
following only the vision of it’s own.

Check the songs here: