Hurriganes: Jailbird LP


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300 x black
200 x blue

The Svart edition of Hurriganes’ seventh studio album Jailbird (1979) is wrapped in gatefold coverrs and in addition to a 8 page booklet with new liner notes by Albert Järvinen biographer Jaakko Riihimaa, the package features two postcards and a gig poster, all replicas of original promo items of the time.

On Jailbird, Hurriganes returned to the classic trio lineup when guitarist Albert Järvinen returned to the fold. Times were changing, but Hurriganes were hell bent on getting back to what the original trio knew best: rough rock’n’roll. As the original press release puts it, “The new record Jailbird shares its mood with the legendary Roadrunner album. It’s all about rock’n’roll bursting out in a genuine, unpretentious and furious fashion.”