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In Solitude was formed in 2002 in the Swedish city of Uppsala. The band has released three different demo tapes, followed by the 7″ single “Hidden Dangers” on SMP Records including the two songs “Kathedral” and the classic “Hidden Danger (In the Night)”. The single is almost sold-out, so hurry up if you still want to own a copy. If you listen to In Solitude’s brand of complex, high-class heavy metal with high-pitched singing, one band springs to your mind immediately: Mercyful Fate. In Solitude drummer Uno Bruniusson feels proud to be compared with such a legendary act: “Mercyful Fate is a powerful inspiration for us, both musically and lyrically but we take as much inspiration from bands like Aria for instance. We don’t limit ourselves in any way …” After the demo tapes and the 7″ single, In Solitude have taken the next logical step in releasing a full-length album. The vinyl version will be released by High Roller Records, the CD comes out via Pure Steel Records. Uno paints a beautiful picture of the record: “The new album will be a raging beast aflame, of dedication, heavy metal and dark fantasy. A fuck-off to everything in the metal ‘scene’. The longer the writing process took, the darker the songs got. We ended up with a perfect mix of catchy old heavy metal and pure hell.” True to the word. In Solitude’s debut longplayer is a masterpiece of dark, atmospheric metal with strong guitar melodies and memorable choruses. According to their drummer, the band is only “one step away to take festivals like the famous Keep It True or Headbangers Open Air by storm.” In Solitude are reaching for higher aims though … Asked for their best gig so far, Uno has to think for a while: “Hard question! Maybe the first gig we did after a long break, when we only composed music. We came back with a new attitude and played one hell of a gig. The concert was held in our hometown of Uppsala. Also, the latest gig we did was pretty cool. It took place in France, with a bunch of other Swedish metal acts. Total darkness it was!” Talking of Uppsala, In Solitude do not find too kind words of their native city: “There is no strong scene here whatsoever but there are a few bands that give their very heart and soul for their music: Degial, Invidious, Watain and Waster are some bands I would like to mention.” In Solitude themselves are already regarded as one of the hottest bands coming from Sweden for the last ten years or so. Fans and press alike are really getting behind the band, as Uno explains: “I know for example that people at Close-up and Sweden Rock magazine really do like our music. Those are the two biggest rock papers in Sweden.” Uno himself is a big vinyl collector (buying everything worthwhile from N.W.O.B.H.M. to Italian Doom Metal), so it is a big honour for him to have the debut longplayer of In Solitude coming out on plastic wax! Coincidentally, Uno Bruniusson has been knowing High Roller Records for quite a while: “Well, I have ordered some vinyl from Steffen before. But it was him that contacted us by mail. We thought the idea was good, and hopefully he will do a good job spreading the darkness that we have started to create.”