Joe Hasselvander: The Hounds of Hasselvander CD

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There’s no point denying that Bobby Liebling IS Pentagram. But former Raven member Joe Hasselvander, who started playing with Liebling under the Deathrow banner in 1981, has still to be credited with keeping the band alive until 2003.

So if the recycling of Pentagram’s typo on the cover of ‘The Hounds’ doesn’t tip you on what to expect from this solo album — in the true sense of the word, since Hasselvander, besides vocals, is playing all the instruments by himself – the mammoth riffing of ‘Pull The Switch’ will.

Imagine, if you can, a super-heavy album deeply rooted in Black Sabbath tradition (aren’t they all?) but with an up-tempo beat and arena-rock aesthetics, despite its average song length of six-minutes. Doom-rock for the masses?!
Olivier Zoltar Badin