Juicy Eureka / The Azusa Plane: S/T 7″


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Juicy Eureka is a Project by Neil Mackay of Loop and The Hair & Skin Trading Company!!!!!!!!


Doorstep Vinyl/Lissy’sVolume four of the AP plan, with echoing Moogisms and the patented ringing space guitar that in its simplicity, amazingly, eludes to a very full, almost orchestral sound. Not, loud. Just full. And the song’s title is full too: “Calvin Johnson Has Saved Rock For An Entire Generation”. Hmmm. At this point in the 10 Volume series I am convinced, after always wanting more, that having an album’s worth of AP would be even more gratifying. We’ll see. [editor’s note – it’s happened! See “All That”] Side two (or one if you happen to start there) features 2 tracks by England’s Juicy Eureka, the first one, “Air”, having sort of an APHEX TWIN feel, with the noticeable addition of quieted buzz guitar. “Bedlam” is the second track and possibly one of the coolest SPACEMEN 3 psyche-buzz things I’ve heard, since, uh, SPACEMEN 3. The drum tracks bounce from left to right and the guitar just keeps churning. Not too crazy about the band’s name, but I will look for and buy Juicy Eureka product despite this flaw. -DK(14)