Kampec Dolores: Zugo – Rabid CD


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Kampec Dolores was formed in 1984, by guitarist Csaba Hajnoczy (a veteran who had played in Kontroll Csoport) and singer Gabi Kenderesi, and even backed Nico before releasing Kampec Dolores (Konkurrel, 1988). The band plays a sort of “world-folk” fusion akin to Musikas but with a much stronger jazz influence.

Rapid (Zugo, 1997) is their most experimental album. Kenderesi sings in unknown languages just like Dario Fo writes plays in imaginary languages, languages that are rooted in popular culture even if nobody ever actually spoke them. The jazz quotient of the music is increased by Balazs Dongo Szokolay (soprano saxophone, bagpipe and flutes), Zoltan Farkas (bass) and Tamas Csecs (drums).

Since 1996 the creative duo of Kampec Dolores also play in Kiss Erzsi Music.