Kikeiji: Plastic Scandal 7″ep


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This is offcial repress of greatest Japanese punk regend again from ADK!!!

Deformed children “PLASTIC SCANDAL” EP 11/1982, Formed in Tokyo. From ADK TAM was the activity to the TYPHUS as guitarists, such as G-ZET, THE STALIN launched the indie label released the Flexi disc 1 st 3/1983. 29 Years ago, indie sold 1000 copies in three weeks. 2 Film PLASTIC SCANDAL is the EP released in September after only six. Like this hack also ecstatic, vocal melody sounded and pwn absolute presence unleash. Radical recording. Scamper across the rough and 絡み付き. An irresistible urge. No, there’s no mind to restrain it. The poetry’s attitude to gloat as sad as the masochistic, obscene, the Schadenfreude somewhere. He feels even to literature. Malformation of the deep gloomy darkness will be eliminated from the harmonious existence. “You try and clean the dirty thing or a bad thing? “Once spoken word. Darkness reveals light Revver. Is too bright is often ambiguous. Overlaps a certain reason when I read the words written at the beginning of the first part of the book, this piece, this band exists in the world. “Anomaly, without regards to society is like a salty dish,’ it’s such records. 4 Songs. (MICHIAKI/terribilis, ex. THE LAST SURVIVORS)

2. 1983

1. Anguish
2. The lonely Waltz