Kilslug: God´s Funeral 7″


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“Kilslug, one of the few bands who were running in the same bracket as Drunks With Guns, Flipper, Brainbombs and The Jesus Lizard influenced a bunch newer bands like Pissed Jeans, Clockcleaner etc. You should really own all Kilslug records as they were defintely niche makers in their time. 3 years ago Kilslug returned from a 20 year hiatus. These 2 songs were recorded in 2010. Its the first studio recording since 1985s monolithic “Answer the Call” LP! Both “On the Rise” and “Human Sacrifice” capture the sludge/noise/punk sound these guys are known for. If youre expecting these guys to have changed with time, youre dead wrong. This sounds like the Kilslug you either love or hate and if you like any of the aformentioned bands, you seriously need this. 545 copies pressed of which 330 copies on black vinyl.”