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Review van FdW, Vital Weekly ’97

Strange item this is. The pressblurb raves about Oval, Microstoria, Panasonic or Autechre, but I must say I find only small similarities in that. The mail-order connected to this new label, sells stuff on the German label ‘Hausmusik’, and i was reminded (also with this package) of the excellent ‘The Day My Favourite Insect Died’ (that sampler of guitar bands fiddling with samplers). Kohn is like that in a way. Cleverly the CD has been divided in various parts. The first three are skipping CD’s that are sampled – a bit worn out concept, but especially the second track is nicely done? The section 4-6 I didn’t like very much. There is some horrible guitar playing in an improv mood going on which I thought was out of place. ‘Kodde’, the 9th track, is alike. The last three tracks are more ina rhytmical areas and are probably the ‘panasonic’ reference. I still can’t stop thinking of people that are used to play guitar, made this, and it’s hard to tell why. However, this is a fine disc of reasonable experimental electronica with a twichty edge on dance music.