Kuusumun Profeetta: Hymyilevien laivojen satama CD


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This multi artistic band from Pori have on their new album gone partly back to the peaceful, acoustic moods of their first couple albums in Finnish language, but they also have something new to offer. The orchestration has been taken further than before on a few of tracks on this album, and there is a little even theatrical touch. The heavy Profeetta that was introduced on the previous album has now been faded out, but there still is a couple of tracks worth of tighter stuff in there.

The album begins with a few minutes of narration/vocal part and theatrical orchestration after which “Hän joka ei koskaan ollutkaan” transforms into more ordinary, great band track. “Syysaika” is a beautiful ballad featuring some soft slide guitar and sad Rhodes. The more rocking “Binääripyhimys” could well be Rättö & Lehtisalo with its kraut rock influences. This amazing track also has funny lyrics and it even has hit potential! “Oi sydämiä särkevä Valentine” starts with a laid-back electric piano thing after which comes the tragic, jazzy thing in ¾ time greatly seasoned with the horn section. A very nice track. “Mies muistoja varten” sounds like earlier Kuusumun profeetta being a peaceful, slow and melancholic track, although it grows more intensive in the middle in a magnificent way. Some great horns on this one too.

Some more energetic stuff is presented with “Tunnit muuttuu minuuteiksi” that has some very effective bass playing and proceeds with a riding comp. The trumpet gives a Mexican feel to it at one point. The middle part is rather progressive and a bit cacophonic with the string and wind instrument orchestration, after which they get back into rocking out. A totally great song! Then, again, follows a peaceful and pretty song called “Ammeellinen kyyneleitä”. The art school girls will like it and so do I. The shorter “Vanhat sääret” borrows from “Celluloid Heroes” by The Kings, the pretty and calm title track is an OK instrumental with acoustic guitar. The album is finished in a bit surprising way with the pirate-themed “Hattu ja kompassi” that even has some accordion. The very end gets quite psychedelic! A bit confusing ending for the album, but at least it gives some more colour to this amazing and very well produced CD. I guess next the band will write a musical for Broadway!

(18.04.06 by Dj Astro)

Hymyilevien laivojen satama
Vanhat sääret