Magnesium: Buried ´n´ Live CD

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Japanese fighters of the N.W.o.B.H.M. spirit! Contains demo 1994 + bonus from same year and live gig from 1997. Nearly 80 minutes of headbanging music. Essential for all Heavy Metal worshippers of true steel!

Formed under the name BURIED ALIVE in 1992. Later on changed their name to MAGNESIUM. Band is still active, but works quite slow. Shinji Tachi has also played in such bands as; METALUCIFER, SABBAT, SACRIFICE, MIDNIGHT RIDER and G.A.T.E.S. Satoshi Ishida in METALUCIFER and SABBAT.

1. Saxon
2. Time Machine
3. Metalbringer
4. Flying High
5. Magnesium
6. Out of the Night
7. Rigby
8. Magnesium Lady
9. Time Tells No Lies
10. Se
11. Time Machine (Live)
12. Metalbringer (Live)
13. Flying High (Live)
14. Tell Me (Live)
15. Rigby (Live)
16. Magnesium (Live)

Tracks 1-7 taken from Buried Alive-demo from 1994 (Rigby only in the promotional version).
Tracks 8-9 from Demo 96.
Tracks 10-16 recorded live at Chiba Look in 14.6.1997.