Manilla Road: Invasion CD

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Manilla Road’s Invasion album dates all the way back to 1980, which means this entire album was written in the late 70’s. Invasion is the album that birthed the grandfathers of Epic Heavy Metal. As metal as Manilla Road is today, this album shows us all were their roots came from. Imagine if Rush was more metallic and sprinkle in some Judas Priest, Hawkwind, and Sabbath and that’s what Invasion is mostly about. Manilla Road’s sound is unique like no other and they had the right idea of what Heavy Metal should sound like, but they didn’t quite make it 100% metal yet. This is borderline metal, but it’s a great crossover album for old Rock N Roll fans. The sad thing is, most of these old Rock fans won’t even be exposed to this masterpiece and will never experience it. If you’re into the old 70’s metal that’s borderline Rock, this is an essential piece to your collection.