Maninkari: Psychoide / Participation Mystic CD


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This is the debut EP from Maninkari. Operating out of Paris, this band is gonna be high priority for Conspiracy Records. We were awestruck upon receiving their first demos, and decided to recruit Justin Broadrick (Final, Techno Animal, Godflesh, Jesu) and Robin Rimbaud (Scanner, Githead) to do a remix of two amazing Maninkari pieces. The result is a very cinematic, mesmerising warm piece of music. Psychoide; A gorgeous soft cacophony of epic post rock drift and minimal jazzy shuffle. Dense drumming, frenzied strings, wound into tense soundscapes of slow burning shimmer. Godspeed plays the Dirty Three, or maybe Angus Maclise jamming with Chris Corsano, dark and druggy, some sort of glorious mantra-like minimalist dronejazz, with a super cinematic Phillip Glass like coda… Participation Mystic; Lilting pizzicato strings, underpinned by deep soft swells of shimmering warmth and distant bits of industrial clatter, a slow burning ambient drift that is eventually joined by a simple motorik rhythm, transforming the pulsing ambience into something jazzy and minimal, propulsive and hypnotic, channeling the spirit of Finnish hypnorockers Circle and minimal dronejazz combo the Necks… and again near the end, everything enveloped by intense swarms of frenetic strings… (Andee / aQuarius) This CDEP is limited to 1000 copies and a nice introduction to a new band who’s debut full length, ‘Le Diable Avec Ses Chevaux’ DCD is sheduled for a November 21 release.