Maria ja Marsialaiset: Pysy hereillä LP (LIMITED)


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pressing info:
150 X limited colour vinyl
350 X black vinyl

Maria ja Marsialaiset equals HARD ROCK and RAW GROOVE inspired by the most special things sentient life on Tellus has to offer. Shabby street grills and cold French fries on the ground, abandoned gas stations and deserted malls, the eerie glow of the forest and the all-seeing-space above us, steamy windows and an American muscle car speeding in the heat of night. You can hear echoes of ’70s rock ‘n’ roll and especially Finnish boogie rock from that era, wailing proto-heavy vocal heroes, deep voices of Catherine Ribeiro and Muska Babitzin, the electric charge of Dead End 5, and the unhinged rattle of Dead Moon. All this with a mystic and original Marsian touch by people who you may have previously heard in rock groups such as Stereo 8000, Seremonia, Pintandwefall, Ninni Forever Band, or Kemialliset ystävät.

These sweet Marsian sounds presents the following talents:
Remü-Stereo – the gorgeous, wild, and merciless basher of drums!
Lightning Federley – bass uninhibited!
Blizzard Määttänen – rhythm guitar stumbling!
Thunder Luhtasaari – lead guitar dazzling!