Mesmer: Peace in Progress 7″


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Three eclectic and aesthetically diverse albums under its belt, the four headed beast that goes by the name of Mesmer has travelled a long way from the sullen shoegazer vibe of their debut album Sugar Sermon, released in 2004. Through the blackened clouds of fuzzy drone and stabbing cries of feedback shine the bright rays of euphoria in the form of bouncy synth arpeggios and guitar harmonies sweetened to the point of bubblegum-naiveté.

Nothing is premeditated in the murky world of Mesmer, where the unexpected is the norm and all things queer and crooked reign.The new 7” single Peace in Progress, is a follow-up to Mesmer’s latest release, The Ghost of a Tennis Court (2009) unleashed to the general irritation and dazzlement of the indie rock blogosphere more occupied with pigeonholing bands and blathering about microtrends than tuning in and dropping out.